How do you stabilize video on Android


Published on Jan 29, 2018


The success of a video is very often not only due to the coherence of the content. An important factor that affects the quality of video stabilization in addition to the consistency of the shooting.

In a smartphone, we distinguish between two types of stabilization:

In this article there is a thorough guide that can dissolve any doubt.

Made this small introduction, we come to the point: How to stabilize a video on Android?

We try to stabilize a video, or because our smartphone does not have natively this ability, or because we want to give a better effect to our video.

The applications that we will consider are Google Photos, and the Horizon Room.

Google Photos is the famous application of Google that, in addition to being a gallery, it allows you to edit photos and video so the result is astonishing: we can create albums, animations, collections of the group, and much more.

We can also entrust ourselves to the powerful virtual assistant that uses artificial intelligence to assist us in the editing and in search of photos with very precise parameters.

Thanks for the update 2.13 of the application, has been added an algorithm that allows us to stabilize the video and filming.

In the application, we will go to the desired video by clicking on the second button, in the bottom left of the page. Among the options that will be shown, select the button “Stabilization”. There will appear a banner that will show us, through a loading bar, the progress of the process. After the operation is finished, we will verify with our own eyes the outcome.

There is astonishing if the video has immediately cut-outs: this is done to avoid showing the “annoying” black bars at the edges.

Google Photos

The Horizon Room is an application that allows you to record video in any orientation of the smartphone, ensuring shooting in horizontal (16:9).

The “stabilization” is offered during the registration, in fact, the application itself will try to keep it stable through the use of sensors, like gyroscope and accelerometer.

In the application, just start the recording, so that the stabilization begins. It may be effective, the effect is not comparable to that of Google Photos. The shots are stable, level, but there are inevitably some flaws. Also, the video lose quality than those recorded with other applications, such as the camera stock.

The application is available for free on the Play Store, but with obvious limitations: through the use of the premium version, in fact, we can observe some improvements.

Operation of the Horizon Room


It may happen that the stabilization of our smartphones, even if excellent, is not enough. In this case, it would be appropriate to rely on a gimbal appropriate, which can have a significant impact on the side of quality, but also economical. For this reason, these listed are some of the most simple solutions to get the video stabilized.




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