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Published on Feb 07, 2018

You want to delete the conversations from Facebook Messenger but encountering difficulties in doing so? Do not be afraid, even if it may seem a trivial operation, this is a topic very much sought in the network. This is due to the fact that compared to other messaging applications, the method is slightly different.

If you use this app to communicate with Android or iOS, you may want to do a little cleaning and want to delete the messages Messenger. It is not necessary to delete all history. If you want, you can also choose individual messages without touching the rest of the conversation. So let us understand how to leverage it to our advantage this in this short tutorial.

To delete messages on Messenger from your Android Smartphone, it takes very little time.

Delete Messenger conversations from iPhone, as it is absolutely simple, is so different from the passages we have just seen. This is because the two applications for Android and iOS, although they offer the same functionality, are designed in a different way. For this reason, we decided to create a small guide for the devices of the bitten apple.


Since almost all use daily on our PC, it can be handy for many clear messenger conversations from your desk at home. This also includes a large advantage. You can delete multiple messages at the same time in an easy way compared to iOS or Android. Let's see how to proceed.

Now, however, come into play a cute trick that will allow us to remove more Messenger conversations at a time. Since Facebook does not give you this ability natively, so we will have to rely on a small extension for Chrome. Message Cleaner allows us to delete multiple messages at a time, great way to make cleaning up on our profile. You can download it at this link.

Once installed, you can choose to automatically erase 10, 100, or 1000 of the conversations in your history. Unfortunately, it is not possible to choose which, but it is the fastest method to get rid of all of your emails.

Now that we have seen how to delete messages from Facebook Messenger, you'll be spoilt for choice on which method to use. In summary, you can do this from your Android, iPhone and PC, not comfortable? Then if you want to know more about Facebook and the whole world revolves around you, we have the insights really interesting.

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