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Published on Dec 05, 2017


If you have many objects in the house in disuse and you want so much to get rid of them, sell them could be an excellent alternative, in order to earn something. But how to do it?

There are various online sites that will allow you to sell any items you no longer want to have in the house or in the garage. They are both valid and reliable, and will conclude good business, retaining very little percentage.

But before going to the sale we want to give you some little tips on how to introduce an object on the market.

Publish photos, describe a product and insert the price is very easy, but to capture the attention of a potential customer and close a deal that is not, for this reason, we are here to give you some little tips:

One of the best services to sell online in an easy and fast way it is Now.en. Once you have described the product, uploaded the pictures, added the price and your data, the site within 24 hours will confirm whether you have complied with the rules and if everything is ready to be published. If your ad after a few weeks it is forgotten, with a few euros you can go back to put it in plain sight.



Who does not know eBay? The service, which now has its years but is always in step with time. To sell you will need to click in the top right on the “Sell”, enter all of the data to access your account (if you do not have one yet, simply create it), then you'll have to describe in detail your object, insert the photos, and the type of shipping, what type of payment you want to accept and also the type of sale, finally, finish it all by clicking on the button “Put on sale“.



Also Kijiji allows you to sell your items in a very valid, for it is really very simple: you just need to click on the “Insert” and fill out all the required fields and publish your ad. After a few hours, if you have not violated the rules, will be published.


We hope to be of some help with these tricks, and we hope that you have concluded to the best of your business.


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