House of Cards: secured, the production indefinitely


Published on Nov 01, 2017


Deadline announces that Netflix and MRC have blocked the production of the sixth and final season of House of Cards indefinitely following allegations of sexual harassment received from Kevin Spacey. The filming was in progress at Baltimore.

Below is the official announcement:

“MRC and Netflix have decided to stop the production of the sixth season of House of Cards until the new order to give us time to reflect on the current situation and to reassure our cast and our crew.”

Kevin Spacey, star of the series in the role of corrupt politician Frank Underwood, has been accused of molesting actor Anthony Rapp (Star Trek: Discovery) when he was 14 years old.

In a statement, Spacey says: “I Honestly do not remember the meeting. It should have been done 30 years ago. But if I behaved as he says, I owe him my apology more sincere, for what has been an attitude that is totally inappropriate of a drunk person. And I'm sorry for the feelings that he says he has tried for all these years.”

Set in Washington, the series tells the rise to power of the corrupt democrat Frank Underwood, willing to do anything to get to the White House, assisted by his wife, Claire, played by Robin Wright.

House of Cards: secured, the production indefinitely is




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