Horror in Ireland: it was common in catholic orphanage

Published on Mar 03, 2017

The presence of a was common in an orphanage in ireland has been confirmed today by a group of experts. It seems like there have been hundreds of burials of children. A story of terrible, inside of a closed structure in 1965, at Tuam, in the west of Ireland Horror in Ireland found it was a common in a catholic orphanage. A group of experts has confirmed the existence of a mass grave at a former catholic orphanage in Ireland, confirming the suspicion that there were hundreds of burials that are not classified – 800 according to the certificates of death of children. Dna tests show that the bodies buried in a structure divided in 20 rooms, had an age between 35 weeks and 3 years. The orphanage was closed in 1965. They came to this discovery thanks to the work done by a commission of enquiry on “homes” for unwed mothers operated by religious. The hotel where have been found the human remains is located in Tuam, in north-west Ireland, and was active between 1925 and 1961. The story had been reported missing in the past few years by a local historian, and then even after the ‘mea culpa’ of the catholic church in ireland had passed to shed light on those events. It has been found that those who lived in the ‘houses’ has suffered malnutrition, illness and poverty, with very high levels of mortality. In a statement, the commission shall publish said she was “shocked” to what you have found up to now and has asked for the intervention of the competent authorities to give a worthy burial to the remains. (ANSA)

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