Hormonal contraceptives increase the risk of depression and suicide: the alarm of the Aifa


Published on Nov 19, 2019


Hormonal contraceptives increase the risk of depression and suicide. And this is the alarm launched by the Aifa, the Italian drug Agency. Therefore, it has been submitted to the doctors a note in which he talked about this. The decision taken is that of updating the information related to these hormonal contraceptives, including the risk of depression. All of this happens as a result of assessments of the safety of these contraceptives made on a european scale. It is, therefore, showed that the patients who use these hormonal contraceptives are most at risk of not only depression, but also behaving in a suicidal related.

The Italian drug Agency (Aifa) has launched an alarm on a type of contraceptive known. We speak of hormonal contraceptives that prevent unwanted pregnancies. These products, which can be in various forms, are associated with an increased risk of depression and even suicide.

It is a question not to be underestimated. The depression, contrary to often think of, can be a very serious problem, that needs to be addressed in an appropriate manner. From this, in the situations most at risk, and may even show a tendency to suicide.

For this reason, it is important to note, among the warnings of hormonal contraceptives, the increased risk linked to depression. Following assessments on the european scale, the health ministry has forwarded to the doctors for a note when they are informed of this.

Take oral contraceptives is a very common thing. But how to do in case of the onset of depressed mood? The patients that preventively need to be informed about this risk, if they notice changes in the humoral important they should get in touch with your doctor. This from the start, even after a few days of taking such hormonal contraceptives.

But what are the hormonal contraceptives are affected by this risk of depression? There are different and each woman chooses what seems to be the most congenial. However, all of them are related to this problem. We speak of the system for subcutaneous use, the contraceptive pill, the vaginal ring and the patch.

Anyone who uses one of these methods and has noticed a tendency to depression, should not underestimate the problem but to do this to solve it. Depression is not simply sadness, but something deeper that can become very serious, leading in extreme cases to suicide.

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