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Published on Mar 05, 2019


“Zhia Malen was sure to have killed Lincoln, the principal agent of Kepler. But she was wrong, and now Lincoln was back on stage, ready for a fierce second round against the alien invader. In the meantime, on Valius, you can't trust anyone, and it is organized a big robbery, which hides the projects far more ambitious. Back at HORIZON, the innovative sci-fi series, sponsored by Skybound, thanks to a new, unpredictable battle interplanetary.”

This third volume of the Horizon is remarkable in some of his choices in the narrative. We take as an example the third chapter (issue #15 of the entire series), where we find a monologue dedicated entirely to “bad”. The writer, Brandon Thomas dedicates the number to the terrorist, Lincoln, and to his motivations and, in doing so, makes one look very hard at the history of humanity. Because of this focus, Horizon is a decent leap forward with the personal history of Lincoln that is good to explain the human situation.

The motivations of the villain, Brandon Thomas takes advantage fully of the current and past political climate to encapsulate a lot of the anger I feel both Lincoln that many other african-americans. It is really very efficient in the delivery of the messages, it is true that on the one hand, the readers do not-african americans will not be able to empathize on the same level with the character as well as he can do of the players with a social and cultural background that is more consistent, but it is also true that those readers are perfectly able to understand and understand these situations, not identifying with the first person.

Also, the monologue could be a double-edged sword. It is true that the psychological investigation, in this way, reaches a level of writing that otherwise might not touch, but there is also the possibility that readers may get bored and wait for only the character arrivals straight to the point, but the artist Juan Gedeon, and the lettere Rus Wooten performing a great job, balancing a long-winded verbosity on the page in an optimal way. Gedeon part of the panel in order to leave space to Wooten, who is thus able to adapt the words of Lincoln, without blocking too much of the effect of the images.

The style of Gedeon is rather realistic, but still with those influences, high-tech typical of the genre. The thin stroke of the lines gives a look that's very clear in the series that definitely works well with the genre of science fiction. There are so many details in a panel of Gedeon, but the faces are for the most part, minimalist, giving the illustrations a look amazing, especially with the colors of Frank Martin and Mike Spicer.

Horizon – Revelation is a volume that will not work the same way for all. That is the nature of the motivations of the villain, or the way in which they have been inserted, the Horizon split the audience. However, the writer Brandon Thomas has done a great job in making a topos of the fiction genre (monologues of the antagonists) exploiting to the maximum the potential in the particular case of the average comic book, cutting the time and space to show readers new and different information, in contrast to the words of the cartoons. The aesthetics of Juan Gedeon and Mike Spicer is beautiful, can make the series, never too wordy, thanks also to the contribution of Wooten.

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