HomePod was completely disassembled by iFixit [Video]


Published on Feb 13, 2018


iFixit has already got their hands on the new audio speaker HomePod. Smontandolo have completely failed to reveal all of its internal components, which we will examine in our dedicated article.

The new speaker HomePod is very minimal on the outside, but under the hood hides several interesting components. At the same time, however, it is very difficult to make repairs and do-it-yourself due to the complex internal structure. To open the speaker to the guys at iFixit had to use a variety of tools outside of the mainstream as a hot air gun, a knife and also a saw. In this way they were able to access to the internal components of the HomePod, admitting, however, that there may be another simplest way to take it apart.

Immediately below the lower level, iFixit has found a connector 14-pin, which serves probably to test and program the HomePod during the assembly phase in Taiwan. The connector may also be used for future repairs and diagnosing problems in specialized centers Apple.

“Digging” even deeper, iFixit has found the chip A8 Apple and 1 GB of RAM memory. In their vicinity there is also a 16gb flash memory produced by Toshiba, even if users are not permitted to store songs on the HomePod.

Inside there is also a AC/DC, that distributes the current to the 8 speaker 7 of which are tweeters.

Overall, iFixit considers the HomePod a device designed well, that should not be affected by the weight of time. On the other hand, however, is particularly difficult to access the internal components for making a few repairs. The total cost for the replacement of the HomePod is 279$, while for the single replacement power cord Apple asks 29$.

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