HomePod disassembled by iFixit, here's all the “secrets” of hardware!


Published on Feb 12, 2018


iFixit has disassembled the new speaker smart of Apple to discover all the secrets of the hardware of the HomePod.

iFixit holds us immediately to clarify that it will be extremely difficult for users to make repairs and do-it-yourself on the HomePod.

Already open, this speaker has proved to be a difficult task. iFixit admits that there may be a better way that have not yet discovered, but to open the HomePod technicians were forced to use a variety of tools: a heat gun, a guitar pick, a knife, a saw and a cutter, ultrasonic.

Under the lower base, iFixit has found a connector 14-pin hidden, which was probably used to program and test the HomePod during the assembly.

Given that the port is under a major layer of adhesive, it is not clear if it will be used for other purposes, for example for diagnostic tests.

iFixit confirms that within the HomePod is the chip Apple A8, along with 1GB of RAM layered. The speaker was also found a chip of flash storage, 16 GB made by Toshiba, even if users may not directly store the songs in the device.

HomePod also has a feeder divided in two parts, comprising an inner block that handles the conversion of AC/DC and a external ring that distributes power to all eight speakers. The seven tweeters have a terminal conductive with each one.

The upper part is formed by a series of LEDS (19 to be precise) that are activated when it is called Siri.

There are many large magnets on the inside of the HomePod, which flank the array of seven-tweeter in addition to the single large magnet driving the woofer.

The teardown concludes that the HomePod is a device that is very durable, but extremely difficult to open (the vow of repair 1 to 10). This explains why Apple will pay 279$ for any type of damage, since the HomePod took it in for service will always be replaced. The only exception is cable, which can be replaced at a price of 29$ is out of warranty.


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