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Published on Nov 03, 2018


When a film actor chooses to participate in a tv series that has become less attractive to a time, date and the admixture of more and more frequent big and small screen in the course, however, when he does a star such as Julia Roberts, the question still stirs some interest.

Homecoming the new series for Amazon Prime Video starring the actress from the smile contagious is a psychological thriller that reflects in new ways on the theme of the return home of the soldiers, the americans as the rest of the world. A topic that recently it had already been gutted by the series of Marvel's The Punisher on Netflix, but here find new life, thanks to a narrative structure, a particular that plays with the viewer's attention.

On the other hand is a drama of half an hour and not an hour, in the style of In Treatment (which requires a limit less time consuming for him) and in fact at the centre we have the character of a therapist, Heidi Anna (Roberts), in charge of overseeing the progress of the soldiers chosen for the program, the government's “Homecoming”, which wants to reinsert them into civilian life, and the everyday in a way that is less painless for everyone as possible. The pain is the very key to time on which it permeates this story that winks at the cospirazionismo Goliath, other series Amazon, and in general of the events that have to do with the Government and with the G letter capitalized. Perhaps the goal of “Homecoming” is another? We are of the truth to be revealed?

These doubts are instilled in the mind of the viewer, because on the other side, just as was the case in Mr Robot (Homecoming is directed by its creator, Sam Esmail) the narrative is not linear but rather a continuum of games-time shifts and blending the reality/fiction. Esmail takes what he had done with the screenplay, and here it is transported also in the direction, confusing deliberately the point of view of the characters that follows with the camera. Heidi (even the name seems to be invented, deliberately, as will be said in one line of the serial), is now doing another life, and seems to not remember, mysteriously, none of the above; the series is set in a more or less near future, while the project Homecoming takes place in 2018 (in our days). When an agent of the Department of Defense (an always wonderful Shea Whigham) who's investigating his own “Homecoming” seeks to shed light on the truth – even if the top floors the they say let it go because it seems both bogged down in a story, it's all smoke and no substance, typical element of a thriller conspiracy – Heidi will be forced to question their own choices and, above all, to remember them.

The soundtrack that plays with strident sounds, typical also of the thriller, it helps to increase the tension of the climax that from the very first episode makes you understand that you will need to get to the end to understand the truth... at least hopefully. A cast of the first class revolves around Julia Roberts on Sissy Spacek, now almost a regular in the role of the mother serial after Bloodline and the recent Castle Rock, and Dermot Mulroney who finds the Roberts many years after The marriage of my best friend. This is another element that makes Homecoming perhaps a little too much authorial, in the trend of tv series to the current film, and less television, at least as far as the streaming, focusing more on the narrative structure and the way of telling the story, the story in and of itself, as it seemed to make Sharp Objects.

But the ideas of reflection, a bit’ already seen, a little new, there is no shortage of this is enough to make Homecoming a show not to be missed in the chaos of the peak tv today.

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