HomeCade Joycade, the retrogame that you never expect - Review


Published on Aug 12, 2017


HomeCade JoyCade is the console retrogame that can satisfy our nostalgia

In the Nerd universe are many topics that divide them, and excite, among these there is certainly the RetroGaming. Know the guys of HomeCade, an Italian company, which produces hand-made console for fun play video back. Specifically today we are talking about HomeCade JoyCade, a box of “magic” that allows us in a few simple steps to play our retrogame favorites. Simply attach it to our TV with the HDMI cable, connect the plugs and... VOILA’, we will be catapulted into the clear and simple interface that you run everything.



Buying any console HomeCade the games are NOT included. You will be you, via the Ethernet input to connect to the network and install the games that you like.



What Are the Manufactures that there is shipped?



Data Sheet



The HomeCade JoyCade looks of circular shape with the logo HomeCade in relief visible on top. The construction at first glance it may seem a little “chirp” but it's actually quite solid and light to be carried in backpacks and bags without too much care.

On the back we find all the connecting of the case, the HDMI cables and power supply come directly from the console are fixed, you can pull off. The USB ports are four and we will need to connect the PAD, in this case, the Wireless receiver that you can find in the package. Last but not least, the Ethernet input, which is fundamental to update the software but especially for installing games that are NOT present by default (Read the note above).

Once connected to our TV and hold the power button (the back also) we will be in the interface, say navigation, absolutely intuitive, and pleasant graphically with a tune in the background that has something epic.Once you have installed the games, just scroll through the various emulators, choose what to play and we will be catapulted into the world of Pixels that we love so much.

The word order of the HomeCade JoyCade ( but I would say in general HomeCade) is SIMPLICITY, everything is very Plug and Play, two wires to connect and there is housing immediately to RetroGaming! For more information on the HomeCade JoyCade and on all the products HomeCade I refer you to the official website.


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