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Published on Jul 04, 2018

When outside it snows, it pours or the dog-days, is overwhelming, when you go home overwhelmed from a day of work and the desire to put the stove there is, when at the last minute we get a guest or when you want a flavor unexpected, try a new bottle, now the services, delivery of foods and beverages deliver to ttutto in a short time but have you ever thought about seeing you deliver home a beer?

The idea came to two teens in Rome, Andrea and Thomas, a thought born as a result of a disappointment in love happened to both in September 2017, both the house disconsolate, and wants to go out not even to talk about it, but eager for a cold beer to pass the evening retort.

Its during that evening, the retort is wondering how it is possible that there is an app that delivers craft beer, perhaps produced not far from home, at home, born start-up Home Beer, a project in development.

The two boys have launched a crowdfunding project on Ulule, have participated in the competition in the Smart&Start of Invitalia and Pre Seed Lazio Innova, with the collected funds will be able to make the computer platform and the app so off the ground concretely the Home Beer.

A project in the family, the two boys, in fact, have involved their fathers guess that they supported them and put in contact with graphics in addition to provide you with information on how to organize a business plan, at the time they are in contact with fifty-five craft breweries in lazio, but the idea is to expand at the national level.

A project that involved the small breweries, the local productions, the intention is not to expand to the point of joining the market of the great distribution but remain anchored to the territory, the quality of the small-scale artisan production.


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