Hiroki Endou, the title and plot of her new manga


Published on Jul 08, 2019


Monthly Shonen Magazine has announced that new manga series, Hiroki Endou, author of Eden – it's an endless world! and All Rounder Meguru, it's called Gusha no Hoshi – Planet of the Fools.

The manga is set on the planet Slars, where the indigenous Slarsians and aliens Earthians coexist with difficulty. The protagonist is Shinta, a young boy descended from both races, and that from both of you dodged it; you will be involved in a conflict for the mysterious power of “Regalia”.

The series, as previously announced, will debut on the 6th of August 2019 on the number 9 of the monthly magazine published by Kodansha.

Remember that the master Endo has ended the manga earlier, Soft Metal, Vampire, the 25th of December last on the pages of the monthly seinen manga Afternoon of Kodansha — the same magazine that hosted its famous Eden – It's an Endless World!. The series was launched on the 25th August 2016 and consists of 6 volumes.

Previously Hiroki Endou has serialized All Rounder Meguru on a fortnightly Evening of Kodansha from 25 November 2008 to 8 March 2016 (19 volumes).

In Italy by Planet Manga published his Eden, All Rounder Meguru and Hiroki Endou – Short Stories.

Hiroki Endou, the title and plot of her new manga is




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