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Published on Nov 11, 2017


While you wait for the 2018 serialization of Netflix, which has long planned an adaptation, like the animated series, the saga comic Hilda remains in the fifth number (The Stone Forest, already published in Italy by Bao Publishing). The only thing you can do to kill some time, you continue to re-read this series by Luke Pearson, a cartoonist for the british born in 1987 that, in addition to having created this character of tip, he has also worked as a storyboard artist for Cartoon Network (Adventure Time).

To underline is that The Stone Forest is different from the other comic strips in Hilda (in order): Hilda and the Troll, Hilda and the Gigate Midnight, Hilda and the Parade of Chickens, Hilda and the Hound the Black). But, before jumping in particular: who is Hilda?

Hilda is a little girl with the blue hair, always accompanied by the pet Twig (a sort of cross between a fox and a deer), who lives with his mother an illustrator in the city of Trolberg: also to keep them company, there is Tontu, a spirit of the house capable of move through the walls.

The everyday life of Hilda it is not like that of other children: his days are typical, in fact, combine to constantly legends inspired by the folklore northern european to the life of all the days, all immersed in the atmosphere of the miyazakiane”. For example, trolls are a constant presence in comics, Hilda, threatening and fascinating at the same time, and in this volume are in-depth.

In The Stone Forest, in fact, the trolls become the starting point to address the issue of “different”, intended not as the “enemy” but as someone with whom they themselves... unless that is not explicitly aggressive, like one of the trolls that Hilda meets in this volume: but not all trolls are as well!

In this volume you'll find the adventurous spirit and a little reckless, Hilda, the environments favolistiche, and the palette of vintage Luke Pearson, punctuated by the tones of grey of the “stone forest”, the title of the comic, where lies the refuge of the troll.

The peculiarity of The Stone Forest, however, lies in the fact that it is not a self-contained story (unlike the other comics, Hilda): in fact, ends with a shot of the final scene of a sudden that strongly suggests a sequel, a continuation of which, however, nothing is known (at least for now).

The reader, Hilda does not expect to certainly be a plot twist and this change, in part, the trend of the series, but we will be able to know if this choice of Pearson works only by reading the sixth volume: for the rest, it is always a pleasure to immerse yourself in the world of Hilda, populated by extravagant characters capable of sparking the imagination of the reader, both child and adult.

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