High risk of hacker attack at the World Cup in Russia


Published on Jun 18, 2018


The tournament FIFA World Cup is now started in Russia, and thousands of fans are descending on the place to see the various matches. Security experts recommend to fans of leave home without their electronic devices.

According to what was said by the security services, the british and the americans, the odds of experiencing a breach of security on their electronic devices is very high in Russia. Here are the words of William Evanina, the director of the U. S. National Counterintelligence and Security Center:

If you are considering bringing with you a cell phone, laptop, PDA, or other electronic devices – make no mistake – each of these devices (especially your personal data) may be taken by the Russian government or by cyber-criminals

The council has given to the fans of the various national or simply lovers of football is not to bring electronic devices in Russia.

If you really can't do without, bring a device different from the one used on a daily basis.

Android smartphones have undoubtedly more security holes compared to the iPhone and iPad. However, this does not mean that they cannot be violated in any way by security experts and hackers. Even the MacBook can't be considered safe from this point of view.

A way to be able to steal personal data and monitor online activity on the smartphone may be a simple Wi-Fi network. By logging into an inviting Wi-Fi public and free of charge, you may provide directly to the manager, and all the details of your online activity. Security experts recommend to avoid these networks and connect only to those deemed safe.

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