Hideo Kojima enters the Guinness book of world records


Published on Nov 11, 2019


Hideo Kojima, director and creator of both series, Metal Gear Solid, that of his last new IP Death Stranding, has received a couple of awards, really very interesting from an unlikely source: the Guinness book of World Records japanese.

In fact, Kojima's been awarded two prizes to twins for having the most number of followers on Twitter (at the time of certification were 2.813.385) and the most number of followers on Instagram (888.539 followers at the time of certification).

Certainly, the recent publication of Death Stranding for the PS4 and criticism rather jarring received by the title, both from critics and players have give new vital lymph to the curiosity towards a game designer so original and creative!

Below is the tweet on the official Kojima Productions, which celebrates the awards:

Hideo Kojima receives the Guinness book of World Records for the most followed Game director on Twitter and Instagram! #DeathStranding#TomorrowIsInYourHand#WorldStrandTour2019

— Kojima Productions (@KojiPro2015_EN) November 10, 2019

Even the Guinness book of World Records, the japanese made an official update congratulating him and revealing the statistics of Kojima at the time of certification:

ゲームクリエイターの小島秀夫監督が #ギネス世界記録 に認定㊗️
おめでとうございます!😆💕#DeathStranding #WorldStrandTour2019

— ギネス世界記録【公式】 (@GWRJapan) November 10, 2019

Death Stranding was published last November 8 for the PS4, while a compatible version for the PC will see the light in the summer of 2020.

Hideo Kojima enters the Guinness world records is




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