Heroes in Crisis will revolutionize Nightwing?


Published on Sep 04, 2018


From the Fan Expo in Toronto comes a new rumor about the Heroes in Crisis – the event in 7 parts that Tom King will pair with Clay Mann, and that will revolve around a mysterious Sanctuary, in which the heroes of the DC Universe will be able to take refuge in search of peace after the violence of the battles, and the incredible events that involve them.

As we know, Heroes in Crisis will revolve around a murder, with the death of one or more heroes and just as many suspected – for all the details click HERE – and in the last few months, Tom King has done nothing but feed the rumors of the possible heroes that will be killed, including a sprinter, as in every great crisis of the DC.

While rages the toto the victims, however, the DC is already thinking about the “consequences” of the event, and the destruction of the Sanctuary.

In this regard, the first hero to be invested by the events of the HiC would be Nightwing, albeit in a totally indirect.

After having destroyed psychologically Batman, as seen on the Batman #50, Bane, in fact, decide to put a bounty on the head of Dick Grayson, which would be shot in the head, surviving but suffering from a severe form of amnesia.

This new status quo would be brought forward to “a few months” showing the difficulties of a superhero to handle a trauma like especially without a safe place to recover as the Sanctuary.

It is not the first time that Nightwing/Dick Grayson is pointed out as “the sacrificial victim” in the big events in DC, with the publisher Dan DiDio, who has repeatedly covertly expressed his “impatience” for the character. Already in Forever Evil in addition, Dick was unmasked and later became a secret agent in the ranks of Spyral before returning in the role of Nightwing, in a daring and, thanks to the technology of Spyral.

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