Heroes in Crisis: the second victim official


Published on Sep 17, 2018


A few days ago riportavamo the first death “confirmed” Heroes in Crisis – the event that will be written by Tom King, one of the authors is currently the most quoted in the panorama of the american comic book, from the brutal conditions: in fact, we know that everything will revolve around the massacre of the heroes admitted into the Sanctuary: the three suspects should be Booster Gold, Harley Quinn, and maybe Wally West – for further details click HERE – and in the late evening of yesterday, received the “confirmation” of the second victim.

In the past months, in fact, the voices were among the most disparate: it is about Ray Palmer, Kyle Rayner, Roy Harper. Even Harley Quinn! One of Robin's past or present, Poison Ivy – the first heroine to “introduce” the Sanctuary in the pages of Batman and Damage – while Tom King himself had heavily joked about the possibility that both a sprinter to die, as in every great crisis in DC worthy of the name.


The second victim would be definitely distinguished, it is Roy Harper aka Speedy/Arsenal.


Are not obviously leaked the mode with which and for which the former sidekick of Green Arrow will die, but his death could be the cause for that Wally West will end up in the Sanctuary and then, as is rumored, it will be part of the Suicide Squad which should be relaunched by Brian Azzarello.

Roy Harper was created by Mort Weisinger and George Papp in 1941 as Speedy, was a member of the Outsiders, Teen Titans and Justice League. Famous, his involvement during the famous run of Green Arrow/Green Lantern in which it was discovered that he was addicted to heroin.

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