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Published on Aug 26, 2018


Hero – The Adventurer's Journal is a special agenda in which up to 3 characters and related campaigns, you could find plenty of space, in a compact size and a weight of about 400 grams. Let's discover together the salient features.

With this invitation, you will be welcomed within the Hero – The Adventurer's Journal, a very useful tool for role players, who know perfectly how much it can be complex to gather together all the information related to the campaigns in which they participate.

It is not a mystery, in fact, that very often the base cards of these games allow you to only report some of the information, which makes it almost indispensable the use of loose sheets which can get lost very easily, especially if you port forward more than one campaign. Certainly, you can use the agendas as a complement to its own board, but it would be much more convenient to always carry with them the character sheet, notes on NPCS encountered, the information found and also the maps in the game? It is precisely here that comes into play the Hero – The Adventurer's Journal, a project realized thanks to a crowdfunding campaign by the children of the Island Illyon Editions, of which we have already reviewed the role-playing game Awaken.

Hero – The Adventurer's Journal is a truly rich, genuine and above all incredibly practical, and flexible, also thanks to the use of terms that are common to many role-playing games, such as “Skill” or “Magic and Spells”, but there is nothing to prevent players to edit these graphics to your liking, simply depennandole and replacing them with those more suitable to the game in question.

The product is present in a very eye-catching and good: the cover is stiff and durable, red in colour with lettering and illustration in black embossed, and the binding is solid and of excellent quality. Because within it you can enter the data of the three characters and campaigns, Hero – The Adventurer's Journal is also equipped with two handy tabs, the bookmark in black fabric, that will make it much easier to find what you are looking for.

The product is also a short description of what it is and how it is structured.

Hero – The Adventurer's Journal features for each character the same structure, i.e. a subdivision into two sections, each of which is introduced by an illustration, which serves not only as a decorative element, but that makes it easier, leafing through the diary, the identification of the sections themselves:

The two sections are the following:


Hero – The Adventurer's Journal is a diary of a game made with great attention to detail, and which constitutes an original tool to keep grouped together, and highly organized information that is related to a maximum of three characters and related campaigns. Its practical and great flexibility make for a Hero – The Adventurer's Journal is a product of excellent quality and craftsmanship, featuring, on the cover that is on the inside, by simple illustrations, but of effect.

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