Here's the new Cover of Mujjo genuine leather for all iPhone, 2018


Published on Oct 13, 2018


On the occasion of the launch of the new iPhone we are trying out many cover in such a way to recommend those that we consider best. If you are looking for a cover in real leather by the absolute quality, so enjoy a case of Mujjo, available in 4 colors.

In this month we have tried so many covers, but among those in the skin, in addition to the excellent Meridia, those of Mujjo are distinguishable from all others in quality and workmanship.

All the leather cover that you can find in commerce, in fact, start from a base of plastic that is load-bearing structure, and ensures a good strength to the product. The whole is then coated with a layer of skin. Many of the manufacturers, to save money, apply the coating only on the outer part or on the part of “visible”. The inside is usually made in microfiber (which has a cost significantly lower), while the inside edges that touch the metal frame of the iPhone, remain completely uncovered, or better... impact directly with the plastic of the structure.

The cover of Mujjo instead are entirely covered by the skin, both outside and inside, without forgetting the edges. The inside is microfiber, but the latter starts exactly where it ends the skin without leaving even a millimeter of empty space.

This working process makes the cover, Mujjo superior to the other, and highly recommended. Among other things, the company applies the lines very minimal and modern to a material that is usually more suited to a classic style. The fusion of these elements, together with the innovative colors make the cover Mujjo suitable for both young people and adults.

The cover the gray that we have tried, for example, manages to not get tired and to adapt to all needs. Also available, a particular color, olive green, which is really nice. Finally, there is no shortage of more classic black and brown.

On the official store you can find different versions: some perfectly smooth on the back and the other with a chest pocket where you can insert a credit card or a few dollar bill folded in half. Just like the original cover from Apple also Mujjo leave the bottom completely open, for easier access to the jack, the Lightning connector, speaker and microphone. The focus on the volume keys and the power they make sure that the keys are not too hard to press. Even the box of this cover is beautiful, one of the most cared for that we have never seen and as soon as you open, the smell of the real leather will pervade.

With regard to the price from 44,90€ for models that are “smooth” (Full Leather) up to a maximum of 54,90€ for the models with the chest pocket (Wallet Case). The covers are compatible with all the previous iphones but the new iPhone XS / XS, Max and iPhone XR.

Vote: 9/10

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