Here's how to turn Live Photo in GIF and share it with everyone


Published on Jul 11, 2018


Today we show you how to use a little-known feature on the iPhone and iPad: convert the Live Photo in the GIF in order to send them via message!

Sometimes with our mobile devices, we tend to make and repeat the classic day to day operations. Do you want to because there are only those of a particular circle, you want to why not know of the existence, or still think it's too difficult to go check out how you can do one thing, and then run it for the first time.

Here, starting from this last hypothesis, today we're going to see how it is possible to convert the Live Photos in GIF format and you'll be surprised by how simple it is, done in just a few steps more difficult to read than to realize, and all integrated. Try following next few points!

Now iOS, before sending the mail, it will convert the Live Photo in the GIF! This is because Apple has thought of that mail can be sent to a multitude of devices and know that the most compatible format between the Live Photo and the GIF is just this last. Also because I doubt that Apple will license a feature that is contained only in its operating system!

Maybe in the future Apple will allow users to choose whether to create Live Photos or GIF, without using the method just described, or to rely on a couple of Apps downloaded from the App Store.

The size of the GIF converted, starting from the Live Photos, they are quite heavy, and the cause is a massive presence of frames within it.

This could be a problem for smartphones not recently, as they may not be optimized to digest a GIF, not so much the size, as well as the presence of frames high to be right up your street.

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