Here's how to better protect the case of the AirPods!


Published on Dec 06, 2017


The AirPods are the headsets more comfortable and versatile than Apple has ever produced. Their case is, however, very slippery and, above all, easy to scratch: what is the solution to protect it better?

Use the AirPods from last march and until June, I used the case for charging and not paying attention to the scratches that, day after day, is formed on the outer surface. After two falls on the asphalt I have however decided to change the registry and to protect the houses from any drops the most important.

After a few searches I came across a silicone case very simple, low cost, and apparently the same to many others available on Amazon. The case in question is this one, which is no longer available on Amazon, offered by a brand completely unknown to me. Apart from the very early days, I felt more than satisfied with my purchase, I realized soon have thrown to the wind about 8€: the houses started to spread, did not adhere perfectly to the upper part of the housing of the AirPods, but protected the housing of the headset from scratches and drops.

I have used this solution until a few days before my departure for the summer holidays, so I purchased the silicone skin cover-Blue proposal from FRTMA that, in addition to housing, is dated of a strap to facilitate the use of the AirPods in the training sessions. This is without a doubt the best solution to protect the homes of the AirPods: adheres to them in every part of the houses, allows the opening of the same homes without having to move the silicone that remains firmly to the hood, covers for the lightning connector, not cluttered, and it resists very well over time.

The use with satisfaction now for 5 months and aside from the normal consumption of the silicone, I have not found any defect in the design. I have never used the strap for the AirPods, but it also seems to be of great quality. I did fall down all the houses protected by this case several times, in different situations, not having problems. The price of this case is of 8,99€ and is available in 4 different colours.

IFA 2017 I was asked to trial the houses the Catalyst for AirPods: a silicone case is very different from the two just given. As we can see from the images, in this case a flap of the upper part of the case remains open, but well protected having regard to the thick layer of silicone on the housing. To open the case you will need to fold on itself and the houses.

This case makes it waterproof, the case of the AirPods, prevents damage from drops and allows it to be attached to bags or trousers thanks to the carabiner that is included. The houses Catalyst for AirPods is available on Amazon at a price of 27,99€ in six colours to suit all tastes!

Ultimately what is the most interesting? Without a doubt, the proposal of FRTMA will be fine in most cases, but if you are looking for something that will protect the case and in any condition, I recommend to turn on the solution of the Catalyst.

You have purchased the AirPods? Protect the box with a case? Please let us know through the comments or the chat of our application!

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