Here's how Netflix manages the download offline on iOS


Published on Dec 06, 2016


Netflix has recently made available the functionality of downloading content to compatible on mobile devices. Now, therefore, it is possible to watch movies and TV offline. But how does the system work? How to handle the download and the space on the terminal? Fortunately I appeared on the net some information about it which help us to better understand how Netflix manages downloads on iOS.

On iOS devices, Netflix separates content into small blocks by selecting the block-by-block, how to handle each section of content.
The blocks are of about 1-3 minutes, and are separated to enable the service to better manage the downloading and the space in the terminal. In this way, in fact, a clip visually more complex is encoded at a higher bit rate than clip less challenging, such as for example static scene or with the image of a blue sky or of landscapes not complex. The clips are less complex are then encoded at a bitrate less high to save space while maintaining the same resolution. The differences between the segments with a greater bitrate and those with the lowest bitrates are almost indistinguishable visually, and this method allows you to save the 19% of the bandwidth and the storage space on the device, not to be underestimated if you are using a device with little storage space remaining.

In any case, the new system will be improved and perfected in the next few months according to what was declared by the company. The service, for those not familiar, allows us to watch TV series, movies and documentaries on demand on iOS, Android and other platforms. With Netflix, you can decide when, where and how to take advantage of the entertainment offered and we can play back programs, pause them and resume them on different devices, all paying a monthly subscription, the price of which varies according to the option chosen.

We recall quickly that in order to perform the download of the content, you must perform these steps, clearly on the compatible content present in the catalogue because not all of them are already available for download:

Netflix is available for free on the App Store.

Source: AppleInsider

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