Here's everything that Apple could release this month


Published on Mar 02, 2020


Here's everything that Apple could release this month

We arrived in march, and the number of rumors about the likely products that Apple may launch by the end of the month continue to increase. The company should hold an event on the 31st of march, in which it will present new devices, but due to the outbreak of coronavirus is all very uncertain.

In this article we will show you everything that Apple could release by the end of the month from the new iPhone 9 on new MacBook Pro models updated, and more.

It now seems certain that a new iPhone statement you're about to arrive. We expect that Apple will announce a new iPhone in the entry-level, the successor of the iPhone IF, presumably called the iPhone 9, with a design similar to the iPhone 8 4.7-inch frame with glass and rounded sides. We also envisage that it will include the processor A13 of the last generation, and some other upgrades to the internal components. It is not clear if it will have the same camera of the iPhone 8 or get a new module for rear camera can support photography in night mode.

A very important aspect of this device is the price, this iPhone will have a low price – or at least, low for an iPhone. Like the original iPhone IF, we expect that the new iPhone IF 2 will have a price of 509€ for the version with 64 GB of storage space. Ming-Chi Kuo predicts that the iPhone 2 will be available in three colors; space gray, silver and red.

The new iPhone will help Apple to compete with the other manufacturers in the market of mid-range smartphone, especially in markets in developing countries like India. It is a potential upgrade option for the large user base of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in the world. The series, the iPhone 6 continues to hold the record for the generation of the iPhone the most sold, but those phones are now too old to run iOS 13.

There are many rumors about the next update of the iPad Pro, replacing the range of iPad Pro 2018. Last year, in march, Apple has updated the low-end of your device with the new models of the iPad mini and iPad Air. In September it launched the iPad the seventh generation. Now it is the turn of the iPad Pro

The majority of sources predict that the release of two new models of the iPad Pro,11-inch and 12.9-inch, is imminent, with the internal components updated, and a new system with a triple rear camera. The general design of the frame of the iPad Pro is not expected to change, even if a source has reported that the housing of the iPad will have been made of glass instead of aluminum.

The new form with triple camera would be similar to what we find on the iPhone 11 Pro, even if the actual specifications of the objectives will be different. One of the three objectives on the new iPad Pro will be, in reality, a 3D sensor-time-of-flight. The new sensor of the time-of-flight is similar to the camera system TrueDepth used for Face ID, but on the back of the device, and with a detection range of the depth longer. This is likely to be used for augmented reality applications, and perhaps for the Portrait mode of the iPad. The new camera time-of-flight should debut first on the iPad Pro and then on the iPhone 12 in the fall.

There are some reports that indicate that there will be an update of the hardware iPad Pro in the spring and in the fall. The iPad will be launched in the autumn, may be equipped with a screen mini-LED and support the 5G. Just last week, the information have stated that a new iPad with support for a new Smart Keyboard with a trackpad might be launched in the autumn.

There are also several reports that indicate that an update to the 13-inch MacBook Pro could arrive in march. Apple has replaced the 15-inch MacBook Pro with the MacBook Pro by 16-inch at the end of 2019. In particular, the company has finally abandoned the headboard mechanism with the throttle in favor of a Magic Keyboard, the return of the esc key physical arrow keys in the form of a T reversed.

By 2020, we expect that the company will update the keyboard on any MacBook. The latest rumors indicate that there is a new 13-inch MacBook Pro this quarter, while a new model of the MacBook Air could be launched in the second half of 2020. In addition to the new keyboard, the updated 13-inch MacBook Pro would include the CPU, GPU and storage options of the new generation. It is not clear if the screen bezels would be reduced in a way similar to the model 16-inch. If so, Apple may abandon the option by 13 inches in favour of a 14.

The current range of Apple TV is made by Apple HD TV, Apple TV 4K, 32 GB, and Apple TV 4K by 64 GB. The Apple TV 4K was released in 2017, and the HD model of the fourth generation, in 2015. The hardware is aging and the company has brought AirPlay 2 on smart TV and TV apps on the Amazon Fire TV and Roku. Clearly, something needs to change.

9to5Mac has found evidence in the code that it is developing a new model of Apple TV, with a new chip, the class A12 or A13. A newer hardware, it would certainly help to manage the ever-growing library of games Apple Arcade. It is possible that the Apple TV is updated to march and, hopefully, that the update constitutes something more than an increase of the specifications of the processor.

Apple updates its range of straps, Apple Watch ranges are fairly strict, then we would expect once again an update to spring seasonal in the period of march. This usually includes a series of new colors and color variants, which include styles that are completely new. Typically, Apple updates at the same time the range of iPhone cases with matching colors.

This year, some rumors have claimed that Apple may launch a new color of the Apple Watch in the spring. A database Apple included briefly lists a version (presumably) a PRODUCT (RED) Apple Watch. It would be a clock in aluminium case with an external red with with matching strap, a bit similar to the iPhone of the special edition PRODUCT (RED) products from Apple, but this would be the first time that the company will create a special color of the Apple Watch in the middle of the cycle.

In December, we found references to the new Powerbeat in the code of iOS. At the end of February, we have seen the new headphones listed in the records of the FCC rules.

FCC approval is a strong signal that the product is imminent. It is expected that the new Powerbeats will present the chip H1, which reduces latency, improves the quality of calls and the duration of the battery and enables support of “Hey Siri“. We do not expect that the physical design of the Powerbeats will change a lot when compared to Powerbeats 3. Powerbeats Pro will continue to be the only true Beats wireless.

Probably the Powerbeats will make their debut along with the release of iOS 13.4, since the identifiers the Bluetooth hardware are included in the firmware. iOS 13.4 is expected in march, since Apple has stated that the functionality of the purchase unified for iOS apps/Mac will be available for developers in march.

iOS 13.4 includes the sharing of folders on iCloud Drive, new stickers Memoji, a new Mail toolbar that restores the design introduced with iOS 13, new keyboard shortcuts in the Photos app, and new APIS that developers can use in their own apps, and some other small changes. We also expect tvOS 13.4, watchOS 6.2 and macOS 10.15.4 to be issued at the same time. watchOS 6.2 adds the ability for apps to offer in-app purchases directly on the watch and the update of macOS includes the communication limitations of the time-of-use and the support for the sharing of folders in iCloud Drive.

In march, the Apple TV will come in two new titles. The first is the tv show Amazing Stories, which Apple has announced for the first time to the event of march 2019, with an appearance of executive producer Steven Spielberg. In fact, it was the first TV program + presented by the company in the presentation. The show will consist of five stories, one per episode, and will be available from 6 march.

Also on 6 march, the film's original Apple, The Banker, arrives in a few cinemas before arriving on the Apple TV + the 20 march. The film is played by Anthony Mackie, and Samuel L. Jackson, and is based on a true story of the ’60s.

In the last three years, Apple has sent invitations for the WWDC in February or march. Last year, the WWDC 2019 has been announced on the 14 march and the previous year 13.




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