Here is the new home of the School of La cucina Italiana

Published on Jun 21, 2016

New premises, new courses, the professionalism. In Milan, the School of La cucina Italiana you change your address and arrives in Cadorna Square (entrance in via San Nicolao): a new home for the increasingly numerous food lover who want to discover and delve into the joys of the kitchen between courses to imprare the secrets of meals, risottos, roasts and innovative lessons on the impiattamento, food design and photography of the dishes. “We want to become the national reference point in the formation in the field of amateur –, explains Roberta La Selva, director of Central Business Development. – Is a turn our attention ambitious, but definitely at our height, thanks to the value that the brand in The Italian Kitchen is capable of transmitting and food.”

In addition to a large lounge with bar for events and tastings, made even more special by the beautiful murals of the covers of the era of La cucina Italiana, the School offers a professional kitchen with the most advanced instruments, a second kitchen for basic courses that can accommodate experiments 25 amateur cooks at a time and an area entirely dedicated to pastry making, where to learn to prepare cakes and biscuits are fine. Why the kitchen, you know, it's culture, but also a lot of fun. “The men who attend our courses are more and more numerous, says Emanuele Gnemmi, director of the School, and former director of the Course Manager of the Restaurant of the international school of Italian cuisine Alma. – Of the approximately 8 thousand students we hosted last year, 40% were male. What is the identikit of the man who participates in our courses? The most varied as possible, there are people of all ages with diverse objectives. Is there a lawyer in his fifties who comes in with the briefcase and it gives a few hours in the kitchen to pull the plug, as well as those who are learn how to conquer a woman at the table. But also very young, twenty-somethings that maybe are discovering their passion for food and want to learn more”.

So, although the range of courses is expanding to meet the needs of students. In addition to the lessons on healthy cuisine, to those introductory on the pleasures of wine and those on the combination of the ingredients, are also those designed for business professionals on lunch break: three-quarters of an hour, from 13 to 13.45, in which launch you in the preparation of a recipe under the guidance of a teacher, and then have lunch in the company of other students with the dish you just prepared. “The Italian Cuisine is from 1929, the authentic expression editorial of Italian food and wine -stresses Paola Castelli, director of The Italian Kitchen and Vanity Fair by Condé Nast. – Is a historic brand that has been able to interpret the changes of the food culture of our Country, and today continues to be a point of reference for lovers of the kitchen. Through an integrated system represented by the newspaper, the website and school reach 3.6 million readers every month”. Already, because the opening of the new premises, accompanied by the renewal of the internet site ScuolaCucinaItaliana.en: a platform that is interactive to stay updated on the courses, sign up for classes and share their experiences with those who share this wonderful passion for cooking.


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