Here is the funny video in which David Harbour dance with the penguins!

Published on Feb 21, 2018

If you thought that the strangest things only happen to Hawkins, get ready to amaze you! Sheriff Jim Hopper of Stranger Things, he has kept a promise to his fans and shared a movie in which David Harbour dance with the penguins in the Arctic!

After years of appearances in theaters, series and movies, the Harbour has gained a great reputation following his role in Stranger Things. The role of Hopper is brought to the Harbour legions of fans, critical acclaim, and nominated for an Emmy award and Golden Globe, to bring it to his first starring role at the cinema: Hellboy!

Recently Harbour seems to enjoy the well-deserved reputation. Using his overwhelming personality and a good knowledge of the social dynamics, the actor through his Twitter account, it established a very close relationship with their fans, using their image, even for charity.

If the idea of David Harbour with the penguins seems to be incredible, to know that we have already seen the actor to officiate a wedding, in addition to a number of other initiatives which have seen the actor to the desires of their fans.

One of the dreams that Harbour has made it one of their own. A little over a month ago, the actor asked via Twitter how many retweets it would have served to convince Greenpeace to organize a trip that would allow them to dance with the penguins emperors. The note, the environmental organization has set the roof of the 200,000 retweets, and I bet that she was stunned when, in less than five hours, this threshold has been torn!

And now, as promised, we have a video in which David Harbour is dancing with the penguins. Don't believe us? Look below!
here's a petition to create the largest protected area in the [email protected] has 1M sigs.
let's give them 1.8.
1.8 million.
1 for every proposed square km
for the ‘guins.
here's me dancing with them,
as promised.
they don't have [email protected] ?

— David Harbour (@DavidKHarbour) February 20, 2018

The ballets of David Harbour became a hallmark of the author, after having mentioned some of the trips during one of the episodes of the second season of Stranger Things.

It's nice to see that the long-awaited return of David Harbour Hawkins and his debut in the world of cinecomic as Hellboy would allow the actor to be able to still enjoy the moments so much fun!


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