Here is LaboMan, the character fan made Super Smash Bros.-inspired Nintendo Labo

Published on Mar 20, 2018

That is to say, the expectation for the next titles Nintendo Switch seems to be really to the stars!

Knows something about Javed L. Sterritt, youtuber, australian, and fans of Nintendo who has found a way very, very creative to trick the wait of the release of Super Smash Bros., the next title to Switch.

Javed has created a magnificent prototype of Super Smash Bros. called LaboMan.

This is the idea of a new, hypothetical character dedicated to Nintendo Labo, the innovative design of the Nintendo through which the players create the shapes, the Toy-With, using sheets of cardboard, and combining them with Nintendo Switches and the Joy-Con.

As you can see in the video, LaboMan looks like a character small and fast, that attacks by launching the Joy-With which he carries on his back to the opponents.

The Smash attack is transform LaboMan in a piano, Nintendo Labo able to crush the other characters. In the last part of the video you see LaboMan take up a position of defence, taking the forms of the house of cardboard in one of the kit Labo.

Sure, it's a prototype, but LaboMan is doing the rounds of the web and has already won many fans. On the other hand, given the success and the wait for Nintendo Labo, to be released on 27 April, would it not be a bad idea to introduce in the new Super Smash Bros., a character dedicated to the world Labo.

The character created by Javed really has all the cards in order to enter in the family of Super Smash, even if for LaboMan I would imagine mechanical, more dynamic and with a wide range of possible moves, in honor of the creative force brought forth by the project Nintendo Labo.

What do you think of this LaboMan fan made? Would you like to find it for Super Smash Bros.? Please let us know!

Source: Polygon


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