Here are the prices for the coverage AppleCare + on the new iPhone!


Published on Sep 13, 2017


Now that the new line-up of the new iPhone is official, there are several details to improve about everything that revolves around: we analyze, for example, the question of AppleCare +!

It seems clear that the more the terminals are complex and made with Premium material, plus coast to repair in case of damage.

For many years, Apple has activated a policy intervention that, behind a sort of insurance payment, to cover accidental damage and not that the user may cause to your device in the time of two years from the date of purchase.

Attention, this limited warranty is always present by law and covers any problems that the product may lift during the period of 12/24 months, but, of course, does not cover accidental damage that may be caused by customers to be careless, as for example the breaking of the glass, the display, or even both.

With the advent of the new iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X the limit of the insurance that Apple offers you is raised.

The company then indicated that the new prices for the AppleCare + will be the following:

If you are planning to buy iPhone X know that if you were to fall from the hands and be damaged, the account will be extremely salty if you don't possess the coverage AppleCare +!

But it does not end here because the share that you will give to Apple, you will ensure you coverage on accidental damage, but depending on the type of damage, you will be required a further sum of money to pay for the type of surgery:

Finally, you must know that interventions are limited to two (up to 29 $ + 29 $ + 199 $ in the case of damage to the screen) within 24 months: if you will damage the terminal for the third time, you cannot take advantage of the coverage – you need to make repair by a third party, the terminal and at your own expense.

The unexpected in the form of an accident can always happen, you be careful who hands you a terminal that if you were to break down they are pain in... For you!

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