Here are the greeting cards nerd perfect for Valentine's day!

Published on Feb 07, 2017

You have already thought of a gift but have no ideas for the Valentine's day card? Take a look at the greeting cards nerd Castle McQuade!

Valentine's day is approaching inexorably, and, if you have not yet bought the gift nerd right for your sweetie, perhaps it is time to take a look at our gift Guide Nerd for Valentine's day. But if, instead, with the gift you are already in an iron barrel... that is not for the case you forgot the birthday card nerd?

To run to our aid, we thought Castle McQuade, who, spite of its name, as a police officer from the sit-com ’90s, is the artist who has made greeting cards themed to pop culture that you can admire in the gallery below (some truly ingenious):

These special greeting cards for Valentine's day are available on the Etsy store, McQuade is a little less than 5 € plus any shipping costs and, if you have more of a sweet half (it is well known that nerds are the latin lover hardcore), in the store there is also a combo pack at discounted price, with 15 different card.

What do you think? Please let us know via a comment below!

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