Here are the 5 Amiibo's rarest and most sought after of the moment!

Published on Apr 23, 2018

We all know the great Amiibo of Nintendo, the figurines, collectible born to make us interact better with video games for Switch, WiiU, and 3DS.

The statuettes were officially launched on the market at the same time at the output of the title Super Smash Bros and, to date, Nintendo has sold more than 25 million of the figurines, Amiibo, a real commercial success that is soon to become a veritable craze, with millions of collectors who are continually in search of the most rare and most cool!

From the lover updating of the Amiibo, I decided to draw up, on the basis of various researches done on the web, a short list (which of course should not be interpreted as absolute ranking) of 5 Amiibo's most rare and expensive of time!

The first place we find him, the icon Nintendo par excellence, the character who represents the entire gaming world: our beloved preferred plumber, Mario in the Gold version and Silver.

The price of the statue of the famous character with overalls and a mustache, which obviously is not that of an Amiibo normal, scores between 50,00 and 70,00 euro.

Some of the sites of the secondary market bid even incredible figures as 950,00 € to be able to get hold of these special versions, but at this point it's prominently displayed on their shelf directly an ingot of gold, no?

From the blue overalls, which we pass directly to our unforgettable childhood friend: the robot, the blue Mega Man, the protagonist of the famous series of platform game created in 1987 by Capcom.

The Amiibo Mega Man, which is available with prices ranging from 30,00 to 40,00 euro for the classic version, can reach up to 100,00 euro version collector's edition Gold.

Who of us has not been dazzled by the beauty of Rosalina, the character appeared for the first time in Super Mario Galaxy in 2007 that he lives on the Observatory to the Comet by the mother-to Sfavillotti (small creatures in the shape of a star)?

In this version, the value is around 50.00 euro, we also find the Luma, the cute little star that accompanies it.

Let's say that the entire series of Amiibo related to the saga The Legend Of Zelda is particularly rare, because in most versions, as this princess Zelda you can see in the photo (a smaller version of the realistic and not “Toon”) that is available at a price of just 60.00 euros.

To top it off, the couple most magical of Nintendo world, which continues to make us dream with The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild: Link and Zelda in version Amiibo Toon are finished in my list of right.

In particular, this version of the Amiibo of the two characters, also available separately, which is inherent to the game, The Wind Waker has an estimated value of about € 35.00.

Obviously Amiibo rare, there are many more, depending on their rarity are classified as: common, uncommon, rare, unicorn with the respective prices that may vary according to the country where you are looking and whether, in those specific countries, the Amiibo in question is considered to be more or less rare.

What do you think? Are you a collector of Amiibo? What is the statue to which bear more or that you would like to have in your collection? Please let us know with a comment below!

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