Here are the 13 bridges in the most incredible and frightening of the planet

Published on Aug 20, 2018

If you find yourself in front of one of these incredible and massive buildings, you will have some doubt about starting a crossing. From the highest to the most long to the largest, to the most terrifying and the most spectacular ones. We present a photographic review of the 13 bridges in the most incredible of the world. If you suffer from vertigo, these bridges are not for you.

The chinese have found the solution to how to connect 2 cities that are on two different mountain ranges. They have created the highest bridge in the world accessible to cars. It is located at 5065 meters.

It is the tallest bridge in all of the United State. It is located in the vicinity of Canyon City in the state of Colorado. The Royal Gorge Bridge reaches the extreme height of 291 metres.

Looks like a Russian mountain, but not the is. It is a road that connects the city of Sakaiminato in Matsue in Japan. Its particular structure makes it look like a spectacular roller coaster. Do not forget to fasten your seat belt before embarking on this bridge.

It is a pedestrian suspension bridge, is located in the middle of the heart of the Alps and gives to those who released an enchanting spectacle, a unique scenery in the world. The bridge overlooks a glacier about 100 metres of height. to be able to access this bridge, it is necessary to take the cable car.

A bridge is very narrow, it passes barely a car. Built with wooden planks for 600 metres in length. This bridge crosses the river Vitim (Siberia), it definitely is not a deck that inspires security and stability. Today it is in a complete state of neglect, without any care and maintenance, but in spite of everything is the path on a daily basis by vehicles that need to cross the river.

Surely a bridge is not suitable for those suffering from vertigo. It is accessible only on foot. This is the highest bridge in the world, is suspended at 700 metres on the jungle of the malay.

A deck that really requires so much courage for her crossing. A rope bridge of 140 metres in length. There are many tourists travelling to Canada to experience the excitement and the adrenaline rush as you cross this particular bridge.

A bridge is not suitable for those who sofre dizzy or faint of heart. A glass walkway with a view into the empty’. Located in the province of Hunan at 180 metres in height. Tourists criss-cross, walking with great courage on the glass plates.

A spectacular bridge built entirely of bamboo. This particular bridge allows daily to cross the river Mékong, from the shores of Kampong Cham to the island of Koh Pen. Every year, the arrival of the rainy season, the bridge is completely disassembled by hand to then be re-assembled at the end of the rainy season, when the waters will begin to subside.

A bridge of 8 kilometers of length, it is the second longest suspension bridge in the planet. The Mackinac bridge connects the southern part of Michigan to the North. His crossing frightens many people, for this reason, the company that manages the bridge provides a service of drivers that are going to replace the drivers of the cars during the crossing.

Another bridge for the record always in China. This is the second highest bridge on the planet, has lost its primacy in 2016 because of the bridge Beipanjiang. Is high of 496 metres.

A bridge that has been the undisputed leader in many american movies. It is one of the most beautiful bridges in the world. Its characteristic is that it is surrounded by the turquoise waters of the Gulf of Mexico. The bridge connects the two Islands and Keys, which are an archipelago popular with tourists in Florida

Located in County Antrim in Northern Ireland. This is not a bridge very high or very long, but its peculiarity is that it is suspended 30 meters above the sea.

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