Hello Darwin: Jenny Watwood offense to “escile”

Published on May 17, 2016

For many Jenny Watwood was by far the most beautiful among the beautiful, Mothers Nature, that have characterized the seventh edition of Ciao Darwin. And, in fact, was chosen for the first episode has been confirmed (the only case this year) for the grand finale. And now, a few short week from the unexpected success that swept it away, the model tells “GQ”, talking about how her life has changed after participation in the program of Paul Bonolis.

With a lot of confidence Watwood said during the interview: “my life has not changed too much after my participation in Hello Darwin. Yes, there are people that stop me on the street, or while they are at the restaurant to ask me for the photos but I am shy, so it's almost intimidating, this continuous request for photos, sometimes even without makeup and in bad conditions. Because I love my fans? I think because I love the country, and also because the dialogue often with them”.

Then, however, has focused on a particular aspect that now invests almost all of the beautiful passed from the small screen Italian the phenomenon of “escile” started with Emily Ratajkowski has become a cult hit on social networks in the presence of the picture more provocative of the vip.

Jenny Watwood confessed that she felt offended in front of this bizarre request, he searched on google what it might mean and with a certain maturity, says: “it seemed to Me that people look at me like a piece of meat, not like a woman. I understand that I appeared in a TV programme in a bikini, but they are more of what people have seen. I am a woman, very intelligent with a lot more quality to offer than a simple body”

Now for you the great challenge to be able to continue this new career in the show, and maybe seen the success we had in these months, soon another television program called the.

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