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Published on Nov 13, 2018


The success of Sandman pushed the Vertigo to offer various initiatives linked to the fascinating universe created by the great Neil Gaiman. Among the many, there was an editorial called the Sandman Presents that proposed adventures that focus on the world of the God of Dreams and, in general, on the side of the mystical/esoteric DC Comics. Lion offers one of these productions, the miniseries Sandman Presents Love Street.

As you will discover, the events have to do with Morpheus but also involving another important character in Vertigo, the occultist John Constantine. The work has indeed the merit to reveal several details about his past. A part of the plot is, in fact, placed in the sixties, the Flower Power, and of the utopias, the hippie, a time when John was a teenager, the wayward, but still not an occultist in the true sense of the term.

To write Love Street, Peter Hogan, who creates a story-line in line with the magical atmosphere and fairytale-like of Vertigo, enhanced by a sense of nostalgia and melancholy in the face of an era now lost. A rabbi, Ollie, recalls the days of his youth. He had been a friend of John, and the latter had welcomed him in a hippie commune, typical of the sixties. In this context, he met the beautiful Pamela and fell in love with her. At the same time, established a firm friendship with John and the other components of the municipality.

But these events occur as well in the period in which Morpheus was a prisoner of the sect of Roderick Burgess, and soon John, already interested in the occult, leads Ollie, Pamela, and others to a feast esoteric that it takes place in the English countryside. Here are the components of the coven, as well as wizards and sorcerers of various kinds, and soon things will take a crease of concern. There is, in fact, a Magpie, an inhabitant of the dream world that is desperately looking for Morpheus and is ready to do anything to find it.

The situation will be devastating, and the expense will be, especially Pamela. In the present, then, Olliie think back to the tragedy of the past and tries to help his old love, the victim of evil forces, and John, and the other will be the match. As I wrote, Hogan conceives of a plot on the edge of nostalgia, describing the era of the Flower Children with poetry and delicacy, and by quotations from literary, philosophical, and cultural. Writes texts and dialogues, intense and expressive, able to represent with dignity the proverbial cynicism of John Constantine. Sandman, instead, is a figure almost marginal in the economy of the story, but the author knows, however, evoke the charisma.

The designs of Love Street are as good, Michael Zulli, who had already illustrated some episodes of the Sandman. His style is skittish and dashed, appealing and suitable to the situations scary, and the environments of darkness and the dark texture, almost like a gothic novel. The construction of the plates is inventive, and the cartoons are full of details. Dark colors by the very talented Steve Oliffe, then make it further pleasant the pencils of Zulli.

This register is then to keep an eye on and you can not miss in the collection of the fans of the Vertigo and of the admirers of the horror stories and fantasy. For you to try.


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