Heidi Klum is pregnant? The photos on Instagram disturbs followers


Published on May 11, 2020


Many have the suspicion that Heidi Klum is pregnant. The doubts were born after that the top model has posted a picture on Instagram that shows a tummy suspect. In a matter of a few hours, the image became viral: the woman is really pregnant with her husband Tom Kaulitz, who has 16 years less than her?

Some fans are convinced that it might be. It all started when Heidi Klum showed off her swollen belly on Instagram after a dinner particularly abundant... But the fans think that it is a real baby bump instead of a simple meal. In the photo we see her with husband Tom Kaulitz, who he married last year, and a friend. She is wearing a swimsuit and let the world see what he says just be swollen after eating. “Dinner was good”, he wrote in his caption.

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Fans now have ventured in to comment on suspicious. Have expressed their opinions in the comments, saying that it looked much more like a normal baby bump. “Oh my God, I knew that Tom would finally become a daddy,” wrote one follower, while others are arrived at the point to wish her congratulations.

Klum already has four children: Helene, 15 years, who she had with ex Flavio Briatore. While Lou, 10 years old, Henry 14 years old, and Johan, 13 years old, all from his marriage with Seal. This could be baby number five for her... And the last time she was pregnant was more than a decade ago.

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But last year, a source close to Heidi Klum said that she and Kaulitz had no other children in their future plans.”At this time they are fine with the love that you feel for one another and the life they have built together,” he said.

Between the two months (June 2020) Heidi Klum turns 47 years old. And as a gift for his birthday may have been presented with yet another pregnancy, the fifth of his life. The lucky is Tom Kaulitz, married last year, and is known by thousands of girls in Europe to be the guitarist of the former boy band Tokyo Hotel.

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