Heather Parisi a True confession, the monster called bulimia: “I weighed 43 kilos”


Published on Oct 25, 2019


Heather Parisi for the first time guest to "True" in the episode airing tomorrow, October 26, 2019. The bet as you know was recorded a few days ago, for which, as usual, on the Friday, came the advances. The show girl has opened in the living room of Silvia University also talking about an aspect of his private life, but linked in some way to the career. Be beautiful and slim, it was essential for her, especially when she was at the beginning. For this you will fall into a tunnel from which it has not been easy to get out. The Parisi has spoken to Silvia University of her struggle against bulimia. A monster that was devouring all of her, but that fortunately he tamed and defeated.

In the prime of his career, arrived the success, the satisfaction, but also eating disorders. Heather said:

“I suffered from bulimia. In the period when Milan was doing the Fantastic 4 with Gigi Proietti, I was so unhappy in my private life that I ate everything and then was always puking for the soul. I managed to weigh 43 kilos and more, and they told me that I was too lean, the more I continued to eat and then vomit”.

For Heather in this battle was crucial in the presence of her husband. “My problem is that I had next to terrible people, which led me to make bad decisions. Thanks to my husband, Umberto Maria, without drugs and without therapy mental, slowly I came out of,” said show girl.

And speaking of the people that he met in the course of his life, the University asks if Pippo Baudo was for her, the fundamental. The Parisi says: “my luck? No, my luck were the source of my talent and the apprenticeship that I did. According to me, without the hard work and sacrifice does not go anywhere.”

The full interview will be aired tomorrow on Channel 5 at 16,10 in the new episode of "True".

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