Hearthstone: here are the Kobolds & the Catacombs, with 135 new captive cards!

Published on Dec 09, 2017

The kobolds & the Catacombs, opens the door to all the treasure hunters of Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, and from the depths of Azeroth come 135 with exciting new cards to the critically acclaimed card game digital Blizzard, a spin-off of the famous saga of video game Warcraft.

Adventurers brave can face the new Expedition mode to single player for a progressive challenge rigiocabile to the infinite, completely free of charge for all players and without the need of bouquets preset with the latest expansion pack for Hearthstone.

Kobolds & Catacombs brings players of Hearthstone in the depths of Azeroth, where the perfidious Kobolds have excavated galleries for thousands of years, nascondendovi ancient treasures.

Among these riches are the powerful new cards, including a Legendary Weapon for each class, free for all players that will connect to Hearthstone starting today. It also tells of the mythical Magical Stones, jewellery enchanted for each class whose powers grow during a game.

To protect their treasures from the desires of the adventurers, the Kobolds have awakened the terrible monsters, and placed dangerous traps. Fortunately, the adventurers will not be alone: playing the cards with the new mechanic Recruitment, it will be possible to summon minions random directly from your deck, thus making possible new strategies in the composition of the decks.

Mortal dangers await players of Kobolds & Catacombs in the new single player mode, completely free of charge: Shipping, exciting adventures underground, inspired by the classic dungeon fantasy is always different between them.

The brave who have the courage to face these challenges can get 3 packs of cards of the Kobolds & the Catacombs by completing a series of introductory missions.

In addition, players who complete a Shipment with all the 9 classes will get the back the “King of the Candles”, irrefutable proof that you were able to overcome one of the biggest challenges of Hearthstone.

Kobolds & Catacombs is now available for Windows and Mac, Windows tablet, iOS and Android, and smartphones iOS and Android.

The envelopes of cards can be purchased individually or in discounted packages in the shop of the game in exchange for gold or for real money at the same price as the other packs of Hearthstone, or you can win packs of cards of the Kobolds & the Catacombs as rewards for missions or in Arena mode, and you can create the cards of the expansion using the Dust Arcane, that you get disincantando the cards that you don't need

For a limited time after the launch, players that connect to Hearthstone to celebrate the release of the expansion will receive 3 packs of cards of the Kobolds & the Catacombs in addition to those obtained in the introductory missions of Shipments.

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