Healthy breakfast: protein, balanced, light


Published on Jun 08, 2019


Healthy breakfast: protein, balanced, light... What is the best breakfast for an athlete? You have to train before or after physical activity? And, more importantly, what to eat for breakfast?

The breakfast, as you know, is one of the meals most important of the day. Not so much for the calorie intake, it is now a fact scientifically proven that the body does not think in terms of a single meal, but in the long term. However, it is true that allows us to make the full of nutrients and energy after the hours of fasting at night. For years nutritionists carry out a real information campaign to stress the importance of breakfast.

Unfortunately, however, in the reality of every day, it becomes difficult to have time to devote to breakfast and often ends up being the meal most neglected and less healthy. We have therefore decided to suggest some foods into healthy breakfast and suitable for a sporty lifestyle.

It is up to you to choose between a breakfast of protein, a well-balanced breakfast, or, in the case of diet, breakfast is light but tasty. To each one his staff!

Breakfast protein can be a good solution to take healthy food that you can make the energy needed to deal with the first part of the day and prolong the sense of satiety. But is it right to choose a breakfast which is unbalanced on the side of the protein? It is not much better to do a well-balanced breakfast?

Make a proper breakfast has the advantage of helping to have the energy you need to face all the commitments of the morning. A good amount of proteins will allow you to maintain a good sense of satiety until lunch. And thanks to its satiating effect that a breakfast with protein can help you in the event of the diet.

The key thing, however, is not limited to a single meal, but balance the macros and paying attention to everything that you eat in the course of the whole day or, better still, of the week.

If you prefer a complete and balanced breakfast, the advice is to follow the rule of the pot. Do not ever delete macros or food groups without health reasons and valid without being followed by a doctor or a nutritionist. Carbohydrates are not evil and are not to be demonized in the process.

There is, however, to bear in mind that the typical Italian breakfast made with cappuccino and a croissant ( or maybe a good dose of biscuits) can be well-off, but it can also be significantly improved. Better to choose carbohydrates that are more healthy, and supplement with protein and good fats.

What is the breakfast light? When dieting, it necessarily has to do with the calories. There is a caloric intake equal for all and therefore it is important to know your basal metabolic rate and calorie consumption. Having to lose weight, it is important not to cut too many calories and never go below the baseline so it does not block the metabolism.

Choose healthy foods and light does not mean go hungry! Rather, choose foods tasty but light will allow you to eat something and fill you up longer; the whole bringing nutrients to your body.

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