HeadApp, the app that helps to prevent the headaches


Published on May 14, 2016


HeadApp is a new application that not only allows you to keep track of the headache journals, but also integrates a system that tries to reduce the headaches, prevenendolo.

As far as the headaches, the triggers or personal trigger factors are the key to understanding its origins. Are listed in great number in the system for insertion of an attack of headache and elaborated subsequently in the statistics. The algorithm allows not only to identify the main causal factors, but also associated with those specific factors that, if added between them, they provoke an attack of headache. Once sensitized, the patient on their triggers, thus changing their style of life, they will be able to avoid.

The diary HeadApp is designed to help immediately the headache. For example, the graphic style avoid white backgrounds and dazzling which is often the cause of migraines, and use more shades of soft but with good contrast for easy filling without tiring the eyes. Unlike other app for the headache, the pain scale includes zero, which indicates a migraine aura without pain, while the inclusion of drugs to the attack allows you to report on multiple assumptions during a crisis of headaches.

A bad sleep is often related to headaches, for this reason, the app dedicates a specific part of the automatic detection of sleep and overlaps, in a graph, the trend of the crisis of pain. For the convenience of the user there is also an alarm clock function be set to indicate to the app, so the precise moment in which you are coricando to sleep and the time of awakening. The app is also reported sleep disruptions during the night simply going to look at now via the phone. The system can also be used in anonymous form.

This application can be useful to patients but also to medical specialists involved in the treatment of headaches. The journal provides graphs and reports with all the parameters that are used to monitor the progress of the headache, according to international guidelines and to send it to the specialist to trust.
To produce a diary of headache is truly useful to patients and physicians were investigated about 20 apps already available on the store. HeadApp expresses the best of what already exists on the market and adds new features to optimize the prevention and treatment of headaches.

The application is available for free on the App Store.

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