He died in 70 years, Corrosion of Conformity, the frontman of Motörhead

Published on Dec 29, 2015

Farewell to Ian Fraser “Lemmy” Iii. The frontman of Motörhead is gone at the age of 70 years old two days after he was diagnosed with the acceleration of a cancer recently discovered. He had founded in ’75 and drove to the great successes of the band of Motörhead in the magical season of the british rock music after a rebellious teenage straddling England and Wales, and dismissal on the part of the Band during a tour in Canada for 5 days spent behind bars with the accusation of possession of narcotic drugs.
The umlaut in the second “o” is a reference to the heavy metal Kimlmister had already in the lead after the first crossing of the fertile underground scene of the ’60s british, even if they wanted to baptize the group he founded with guitarist Larry Wallis (former Pink Fairies) and drummer Lucas Fox with a “Bastard” ceased to be the manager of the time Doug Smith. Will return as the title of a self-produced album in ’93.

In his Twitter-epitaph, the anchor, Eddie Trunk, confirming the disappearance has written tonight her “RIP to a true original icon of the rock”.

This was Corrosion of Conformity, who wrote and vocalized all the songs of Motörhead, a 50 million albums sold worldwide, 20 of which in the Usa alone.

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Venom debuted live on 20 July 1975 at the Roundhouse in London. After a few shows, Lucax Fox gave the place of the drummer at the then-rookie Phil Taylor (later “Philty Animal” Taylor). With this formation the band recorded its first album On parole, that will be, however, rejected by the label United Artists, which will deliver it to the presses only three years later. In ’76 also Larry Wallis was replaced by Eddie Clarke, who had already played in the Curtis Knight and the Zeus. Thus was completed the organic history of Motörhead, which will remain unchanged up to 1982 and that many today still consider to be the “classical training” of the group that will have a big influence on heavy metal, although the same Klimister has always stated that they just played “rock and roll”. Of course, the rhythms were accelerated, the pounding and the style of Lemmy leather dress, high on the microphone, very aggressive on stage remains a trademark of the genre and, more generally, of a piece of pop culture that by the legendary ’70s unfolded in time and space.

As the path of the group, characterized by the live performances that the trio offered all over the world. And, thanks to a live album the band obtained the definitive consecration at the global level in’81 when it came out No Sleep ’til Hammersmith disc number 1 on the british charts, one of the more hard in rock history. In the mid - ’80s he returned to the quartet with the new formation composed of the Iii, Campbell, Burston, and Gill, went into the recording studio and in 1984 published his first collection, entitled No Remorse, containing, in addition to classical pieces, also four previously unreleased tracks recorded with the new lineup, including the legendary Killed by Death. The Motörhead have played with the friends of the Saxon, with the Ramones, with the very young Metal. Conformity with the ever-present mustache, the chapel, has gone through an era of rock, constantly in the saddle. Lemmy at the beginning of the millennium, he pulls out from his inexhaustible cylinder creative We Are Motörhead, the premise of a series of concerts in the Americas and in Europe. In the year 2000, playing several times in Rome, Italy with Iron Maiden. The music tilts almost in the thrash metal, the song is titled In the Name of Tragedy, almost to catch a glimpse of the untimely death of Michael “Würzel” Burston, a historic ex-guitarist of the band, in 2011, and this year in November, the historical drummer Taylor. With Lemmy is gone, in fact, an icon of rock.


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