He died Federico Memola, the creator of Jonathan Steele


Published on Dec 08, 2019


The creator of Jonathan Steele, the screenwriter of the milanese disappeared in the early hours of December 8, after an illness that has severely tried in the course of the last year.

Born in Milan on 8 October 1967, he graduated from the Liceo Linguistico. In 1990 he began to collaborate with the magazine “Fumo di China”, for which he created the series “Moon Police Dpt”, and has written several scripts for the”Intrepid”. In 1993, he joined Sergio Bonelli Editore as an editor and writer; after having written the n° 45, Nathan Never, entrusted to the head Area X, of which he became curator, and for which he created The series “la stirpe di Elän” and “Legione Stellare”, in addition to writing some of the stories of the “Magic Patrol” and some of the “Classics of the Area X”. In the meantime, he has collaborated on Legs Weaver, writing the script, with Stefano Plans for the third Special.

In 1999 was born the head titled to Jonathan Steele, Frederick will continue for the Publisher Sergio Bonelli up to its closure, with the sixty-fourth register, in 2004.

He collaborated with some of the stories of Martin Mystère, and then work with Star Comics on a new series of Jonathan Steele (53 monthly issues, plus extra, special, and the adventures of Agency Spells), until 2009, and then focuses on a new character of his own creation, “the Beast”.

In 2010, his debut, “Harry Moon”, to the Planeta/De Agostini group. Since 2010, he writes the series “Gray Logan”, created by Stefano Vietti for The Magazine published by Edizioni San Paolo. Since 2012, the publication of Jonathan Steele continues with three volumes published by Kappalab.

New to The Magazine, in 2013, created the character of “Roland”. In 2018, published by Manfont, he co-wrote the book “the kingdom of Fanes”, inspired by some of the legends of the dolomites, which had started to realize the following.

He died Federico Memola, the creator of Jonathan Steele is




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