Haxa Volume 2 – the Shadows of the Water of Nicholas Pellizon | Review


Published on Feb 19, 2019


Dive into a journey diethylamide among the mysteries of the Haxa and the search for a place to stay is not easy, especially in the universe created by Nicholas Pellizon, which is easy to get lost, surrounded by the wonderful colors and creatures fantastic, born from the mind of the author, and from the hands of the protagonists.

The shadows of the Water, the second of four volumes of Haxa opens two years after the end of the first volume, immediately after the destruction of the tower by Akio. The group of rebels began to grow, getting in touch with the new characters that dwell within Bael, the home of the assidi free.

They are brought there from the fascinating Tsisia, a powerful creature that begins to slowly gain their trust. At the same time, young Sophia is still gaining awareness of her special power, capable of bringing small strange creatures and bring them into their world. Paralleleamente, between the hexidi, the presidium Mark is starting to lose power and gradually begins to do all they can to resume prestige, coming to the end of the volume, where... well, you really need to read it to find out.

Strange roads you are about to open and all you will face enemies even bigger, thanks also to the appearance of Vadim, a former soldier of Mahobo a prisoner of the goetiani. About two years after laying the foundations of a new Land, surrounded by the Haxa, Pellizon introduces in his narrative to moments of pure fighting action until the last blood: the guys who we saw struggling with the arts of magic in the first volume have now become great and you are getting ever closer to solving the ancient mysteries, dating back to the mists of time, when legend and History mingle so much as to lose the boundaries.


The planet Earth in the near future, you continue to maintain balance on the basis of friendship, of affection and common values. Although within the group of Akio begin to form cracks, new feelings emerge from the heart of the characters: love, anger, challenge themselves, become the themes that predominate in this new phase of the adventure, while evolving the story to a clash of feelings and sensations, within which the characters are not protagonists, but simple victims of the events.

Pellizon has the perfect hand for the fantasy genre, with a stretch marked and essential, that perfectly describes the outlines of human beings and fantastic, enhanced even more by the colors of fairytale aspect and brilliant. The stories that we all read from the small move in the not too distant future, almost palpable, where the magic lives with the colors sweet tooth and almost blinding.

Special mention for the fantastic creatures that inhabit the Earth of the future, the author has a strong debt vis-à-vis the imaginary japanese and its language, as you can see from some of the words used by the rebels – the vocabulary of neologisms is present in the last pages of the first volume.

A volume which closes with an ending that takes your breath, leaving us anxiously awaiting the progress of the story in the third chapter of the next output, The circle of stones.

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