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Published on Dec 02, 2017


A full-bodied volume of 200 pages, and a title that, already starting from the font, promises an adventure of polychrome, and even a little hallucinogenic: the Borders of The Wind, the first number of the series Haxa which Nicolò Pellizzon, class of 1985, is the author full. The saga, a fantasy that is peculiar to which a surprise, especially illustration style of the author, characterized by a wealth of colors to which it can be difficult getting used to, it will be a tetralogy and come out a volume every year about.

Haxa is proposed by Bao Publishing, for which Pellizzon has already published the visionary, The Bitter Advice: between the past works of this author remember also the Horses (Wave Editions) and the self-Abraxas and Bad Choices.

But, what is “Haxa”?
This enigmatic word, which also gives the name to the title of the entire saga, it refers to a type of energy that we could call magic, “which combines the smallest particles of existence”. In the world of Haxa only 6% of the human beings is able to practice this magic, according to two different “ways”: the Ars Goetia, which is the summoning of creatures from other dimensions, and the Ars Alchemy, the manipulation of the elements.

Up to a certain point in the history of humanity, the Haxa is always been a secret. At the time that inspired this story, however, is discovered as “hexida” is immediately banished from the society to be “formed” in a specialist centre (if an “elementary”), or if it is lost mysteriously the tracks (if it is a “goetiano”).

Also Sophia, a girl like many others, is identified as a hexida, precisely as a practitioner of the Ars Alchemy. But, instead of accepting to be shipped to one of the centers, Sophia decides to escape with Mark, a school mate, he, too, hexida, but their roads soon split: this is because Sophia knows to be different, even for a hexida, and, in addition to trying to understand the nature of his power, must also come to understand itself.

In her wanderings, Sophia will meet with a group of guys hexidi (led by the tenacious Aiko), albeit with some suspicion, welcome you in their base with them, the girl will realize that the Ars Alchemy and the Ars Goetia are not two-way, opposed that more than one secret behind the nature of the Haxa.

The reader might struggle to understand the rules of the world of Haxa, despite the file of deepening (with a lot of vocabulary final) that dotted the pages of the comic: it is also true that the presentation of such a complex reality has not been given the priority with respect to the development of the history and construction of characters, that are a bit’ dishes and newly-constructed. To better evaluate Haxa will have to wait for the second volume, the story has already begun: in the meantime, the reader cannot help but admire the magical creatures of other dimensions, the design of the characters and the backgrounds, the colors of pop, delimited by the thick black line that is one of the stylistic codes of Pellizzon.

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