Having said that, the recipe for tortellini in cream texture, today 9 October 2019


Published on Oct 09, 2019


Luscious the recipe Said the Fact that today, 9 October 2019, the recipe for the tortellini in a cream of parmesan cheese. It is a recipe of Benjamin Baleotti, a first easy dish to make if we use the tortellini already ready, a little more complicated, but not impossible to achieve if the dough we prepare in the house. Excellent the idea of the cream cheese with which to top the tortellini and the delicious waffle on the parmesan but not-so-original. Try the recipe Baleotti today for the new recipes Said and Done, the first dish that everyone will enjoy. Here is the recipe with ingredients and steps for the ravioli with cheese and mouth-watering.

Ingredients recipe for tortellini that was to be Done – For the tortellini 300 g of flour for pastry, 3 large eggs, 100 g of loin, 100 g of raw ham seasoned, 100 g mortadella (bologna), 100 g parmigiano reggiano cheese, salt q.b. and nutmeg q.b.

For the crispy wafer: 100 g of parmigiano reggiano

For the cream, parmigiano-reggiano cheese: 250 ml fresh cream 75 g parmesan cheese, nutmeg q.b., salt q.b.

Prepare tortellini Said and Done recipe Benjamin Baleotti: in a pan, pour the grated parmesan and let melt. Capovolgiamo a small bowl and transfer it to above the wafer of parmesan cheese warm, so cooling will be in the form of the bowl.

In a pan heat the cream for the cream, bring to the boil and then remove from the fire, add the grated parmesan, the salt and the nutmeg. Shake the mixture well and emulsioniamo. Our cream is ready.

Let's move on to tortellini and knead the eggs with the flour, let rest for 30 minutes by wrapping the roll in foil. Pull the dough with the rolling pin, then cut out the pastry, getting as many squares of about 3 cm per side. Farciamo tortellini stuffed loin, ham, mortadella, parmesan cheese, salt, nutmeg and pepper) and then we close the dough giving it the shape of the tortellini.

Cook the tortellini in capon broth for a few minutes, more obviously, if we use the tortellini ready-made, dried. Down the tortellini and pour in the cream, parmesan, mantechiamo and pour then into the waffle with parmesan cheese. Complete with a few pieces of chips and ham.

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