Having said that back to 14: let's discover the tutorial of today hunting for the public


Published on Oct 14, 2019


Yet another change for the Said Fact. The program of Rai 2 from October 14, 2019 will be aired in its classic location. Bianca Guaccero and the team Said the Fact come back, then, to the 14 challenging face-to-face, Come to me ( that among other things, by today resumes in its short version, followed by the Paradise of The lord ). Will Bianca Guaccero to conquer the audience that he has lost along the way passing by an average of 500 thousand spectators of what the program had last year, about 800 thousand ( with a peak of a million ) ?

Do not miss in these first few weeks of airing also of the criticisms addressed to the presenter. This Bianca Guaccero would upset too much of the program leaving little space for the tutorials, which were the true strength of the Said Fact, and that made him differentiate from the rest, and looking for more space for interludes that have a view of the protagonist. What, in our opinion, you should avoid, due to the huge overcrowding on tv, are the interviews. Enough already with all the other programs broadcast on all the networks with these interviews. Perhaps this was Said, the Fact that distinguished them from the rest and should return to stand out even more.

Let's see how it starts this week: what's going to happen in the episode that aired on October 14, 2019?

Monday, October 14, will come in the study of the Said Fact Laura Chiatti that you will entrust to make-up artist Simone Belli. Among the tutors of the episode there will also be Giovanna Civitillo, in a contest dedicated to fashion and savings that will help you to find the outfit more elegant at the cheapest price, and Elisa D'ospina, an expert on curvy fashion.

Also in this episode, there will be Carlo Gozzi, with a new look and there will be plenty of comments in direct Guigliermo Mariotto. And then space to comedy with Giampaolo Stems.

The appointment, and then to 14 with the new episode of that aired live on Rai 2.

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