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Published on Feb 04, 2018


Mondadori Comics offers the two final chapters of Hasta La Victoria!, the saga written and drawn by Stefano Casini, an author who many will remember for the Dampyr and Nathan Never. The story takes place during the period of the cuban revolution against Fulgencio Batista and, in accordance with the tradition of the historical novel, includes characters really existed and the other invented. Among the latter, stands out as the tormented Black Maccanti.

He is a man disenchanted, and accustomed to take with philosophy in every aspect of life, who gets involved, against his will, in the plots and in the machinations of various people, starting with a doctor who works with the revolutionary movements. Hasta la Victoria! it is, however, a choral narration, full of the protagonists and enhanced by the narrative rhythm ever changing and engaging. Some moments of the narrative, in fact, have a slow and introspective, in the line of one of the novels of Graham Greene and John Le Carré. But there are also sequences faster, and thrilling, focused on the action.

The influences of the spy story in the plot conceived by Casini are in fact obvious and the author proved to be very skilful as well in the psychological analysis of Black and other charatcter. Affects in a positive way its equidistance. Does not give reviews, especially vis-à-vis Castro and che Guevara, and not show you play for something or someone, merely to describe effectively a microcosm populated by politicians corrupt, women of easy virtue, the sincere revolutionaries, adventurers, and gangsters. The complaint, moreover, the social and economic disparities existing in Cuba: the luxury of the casino frequented by Hollywood stars and the splendor of the grand hotels contrast with the poverty of the neighbourhoods and the countryside.

If in the first two chapters the figures of Castro and That they were absent, things change in this volume. The two assume a more important role but not become the center of the narrative. Are the figures to which Casini gives the right amount of space, without sacrificing the Black and his personal life, that will be really painful. In short, a Mess describes a world characterized by moral ambiguity. No character can be considered totally good or bad, and all, in the end, they become victims of events and circumstances that only up to a certain point, you are able to control.

As is easy to see, in a work of this kind, the landscape and the social context are very important and have the value of authentic protagonists of the story. Casini is also busy as well with the drawings. Its not a stretch nature is, indeed, convoluted, but it does not expire in the caricature. It is perfect for the representation of an environment in which people live that are accustomed to each experience and willing to take risks and even to sacrifice their affections, stimulated by emotions, violent and uncontrollable. The layout is inventive and the pages are embellished with remarkable dynamism.

Overall, Hasta La Victoria! this is a good level that will please fans of Casini, to the fans of the comics and those who in a story are looking for a nice mix of entertainment and reflection. For you to try.

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