Harry and Meghan: the villa, the californian coast of 200,000 pounds per month?


Published on May 11, 2020


Prince Harry and Meghan truman gates, according to some sources, currently residing in a luxury villa in Los Angeles, which would cost around £ 200,000-a-month rent. Home “offending” is located in Beverly Hills, belongs to actor and producer Tyler Perry, has eight rooms, a pool and a fountain at the entrance. The news did not generate further scandal, given that lately the royal couple seems to be having economic problems: there are those who have even speculated bankruptcy.

The close up of the couple, Steve Franker, a real estate agent to the stars, has told the Daily Mail: “I Imagine that Tyler has left that Harry and Meghan live there because the house is out of their economic possibilities. A property of this kind will cost at least $250,000 [£201,500] a month in rent. There are no houses nearby, there is a secure gate for the guests and then the property of Tyler has a private gate from the road of access leads directly to the dwelling”.

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“It is a location so private that I had not even noticed the arrival of Harry and Meghan before there were helicopters,” continues Franker in his interview. Since moving in, the couple appeared very few times in public. The Daily Mail also revealed that Mr Perry rarely uses his mansion in Los Angeles because he prefers that to Atlanta, where he has his studio; it seems that the royal couple has met through the mutual friend Oprah Winfrey.

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Harry and Maghan have secretly sent food packages to people in need during the quarantine and have also been paparazzati while they were walking the dogs with bandanas covering their faces. The duke and duchess of Sussex are released officially by the royal family on the 31st of march and initially moved into a rented house in Vancouver, Canada, before moving to California and move there permanently. The first step of their new chapter as a family has been funded by Prince Charles, while they sought more permanent accommodation.

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