Harry and Meghan: the Sussex “steal” the adviser to the Beckham


Published on May 11, 2020


It seems that Harry and Meghan are looking for someone to help them professionally manage their new life in Los Angeles. In fact, they have offered a job to the consultant in Hollywood who worked for Posh and Becks, Rebecca Mostow. And it has also been used by music stars Prince and Seal. They tried to take Rebecca Mostow because he is an expert in aide of celebrities, who will help you in this period of life, ‘post-real’ in America.

An insider told The Sun: “Rebecca is extremely discreet, diligent and professional, and has worked with celebrities, high-end for many, many years”. He continued: “this Is exactly what Harry and Meghan were looking for, is recommended for what they need, the pair”.

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“Rebecca is perfect for his work. But then, working with Prince may not have been a walk in the park.” Ends. From this we can deduce that it must have a really strong character and decided. Previously, Rebecca Mostow had worked with the friends of the Sussex, the Beckham, when David Beckham had signed to play with LA Galaxy in 2007. In the last period, Harry, ron, and Meghan moved into a house with eight bedrooms of the actor Tyler Perry in Beverly Hills and now live in the tuscan style villa of Perry march.

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Rebecca Mostow, who lives in Los Angeles, you would join a team who worked for Harry and Meghan already while maintaining the passage from the real to the celebrities of Tinseltown. In fact, according to reports, the former actress Meghan truman gates has kept a team of Hollywood even after she had joined the royal family in 2018.

It is said that the Team Meghan includes the agent for Nick Collins, the director of the company Andrew Meyer and her lawyer in Hollywood, Rick Genow. The potential hiring of Rebecca Mostow also suggests that a split between the Sussex and the Beckham is recomposed. The Beckham attended the marriage of the couple may 2018, but since then there have been episodes that have somehow ‘ruined’ their friendship.

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