Harry and Meghan snub William on the day of his birthday


Published on Jun 23, 2019


Kate Middleton celebrates the 37-year old William, but Harry and Meghan if I forget

The firstborn of prince Charles, William, celebrated its 37 years, with wife Kate Middleton at a private party, held on the 21st of June last, the day of the birthday of William. The other young royal couple, formed by Harry and Meghan, have not seemed very interested in the birthday of the Duke of Cambridge, who celebrated only with his wife and children, but without his brothers-in-law.

To celebrate William and also prince Charles and Camilla have used social: in fact the couple of real English has posted the best wishes by posting on Instagram a tender image of Will as a child, while it is pushed by her daddy on the swing. Even his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, has decided to share on Twitter a series of pictures of grandson during the most important stages of his life: military service, the work of the pilot, the love for Kate.

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But fans of Kate and William were amazed at the behavior of her brother: in fact, no hope appeared on his page Instagram official. Simply Harry and Meghan, you are limited to respond to the post on the profile of Will and Kate with a formal: “happy birthday to the Duke of Cambridge”, which has irritated the fans of Kate and William, who wrote: “it is your brother, there is a need to be so formal?” Or: “Wow, that wishes feel”. The birthday boy has only thanked on social for the best wishes received: “Thanks to everyone for the wishes for a happy Birthday.”

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There are even those who, expert gossip real, bet that the marriage between Meghan and Harry will last only 3 years because the truman gates is keeping the husband from all his family and Court no one bears it. A few days ago came the confirmation of the final separation of the tasks of the two pairs. News that once again feeds the rumors of a rift between the four young british royal. It was February of 2018, when the four appeared together for the first time just to present the projects of the Royal Foundation, which was founded by two brothers in 2009, which is why the two couples were dubbed the “Fab Four”, a tribute to the Beatles. Now Harry and Meghan are not celebrating heartily the birthday of Will and announce the division of the Royal foundation, after having moved to a new home and you have created a profile Instagram personal.

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By the Dukes of Sussex subjects and expected at least an emoticon or a dedication with phrases nice, as was the case for the wishes to baby Charlotte or duke of Edinburgh. On the other hand, there is also who supports the young newlyweds and replies: “You complain when they are not formal, and now that we were there are you alright?”. Certainly the four brothers-in-law do not seem very close and, unfortunately, the gossips are backed up in their evil comments from this kind of episodes, which unfortunately are not rare.

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