Harry and Meghan, here's how they spend the quarantine


Published on Apr 23, 2020


Photo via the web

How are they coping with quarantine, the Prince Harry and his wife Meghan truman gates?

We know that the couple, frightened by the threat of coronavirus, has decided to leave Canada and moved to Los Angeles with his son Archie, who next month will be one year. Not much is known, however, about their life during this period of expansion social.

To reveal some more details we thought an insider who gave all on the pages of People:

“They leave their home only to do charity.” explained the source “In the evening they come home and remain alone. Do not receive visits.”

Photo: @ Instagram/ Sussex Royal

In the past few days, TMZ has released the text of some messages left by Harry and his father-in-law Thomas truman gates a few days before the wedding. It is the conversations in the legal documents related lawsuit filed by Meghan against the tabloid british.

“Tom, I am Harry and I am going to call you. Please, reply, thank you.”

In a second message, sent by Harry just before the wedding he said instead:

“Tom, I'm back Harry! I really need to talk with you. No need to apologize, we understand your circumstances, but expose himself in public will not make the situation worse. If you love Meg, call me because there are two other options that do not involve you having to speak with the media, which, incidentally, they created the whole situation. So please, give me a call. Meg and I are not angry, we just need palrare.”

And still:

“Any speech made to the press it'll backfire, trust me Tom. Only we can help you, as we have tried to do since the first day.”





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