Harry and Meghan are introducing their new foundation, “Archwell”


Published on Apr 07, 2020


Harry and Meghan have decided to start a charity to replace Sussex Royals and call it Archwell. The name is clearly inspired by that of her son, Archie, who in turn is derived from the Greek, from the word “archè”, that means the principle, for the ancient greeks it was the primigenial strength that governs the world, from which everything begins and to which everything returns. The Daily Telegraph has reported the news that the couple has delayed the disclosure of further details of the cause of the pandemic in the course.

Always according to the newspaper, last month they were delivered to the United States all documents about the new brand, and from there Harry and Meghan are planning how to manage their association, and various volunteer activities. It is also foreseen the creation of a web site tied to the foundation, to collect material for education and training, such as films, podcasts and books.

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Harry and Meghan have stated to the Telegraph to be engaged in this moment, on the front of Coronavirus : “Like you, we are now focused on supporting efforts to address the pandemic of Covid-19, but before the first news came out, we felt compelled to share the story of how it all started all of this.” The couple has, in fact, said it wanted to “do something important, something that matters” with the new organization.

From the 31st of march, Harry and Meghan are not working royals, and according to the agreements taken with the queen during the negotiations for the Megxit, they had to abandon the brand Sussex Royals, which were very closely linked, as a press release with an official post on their page Instagram. It is expected, therefore, that after the end of the emergency, the couple will reveal all the details about Archwell and is set to open new social channels.

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